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During the cold season, I struggle with dry skin and just feel like a bore. That dull skin kinda feeling. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love the snow, the festive atmosphere and the magical lights that fill our streets, but the dark weather makes it so difficult to feel fresh. It's hard to feel lively when my lips and skin feel like they can be the world’s next best sandpaper! Wouldn't you agree?


First up, the skin on my face! I start by using the benefit's refined finish facial polish. It's like a super deep cleaner and makes your skin feel squeaky clean. It brightens the skin and makes it the perfect base for serums moisturisers etc. Also, it's the kind of facial wash that keeps you feeling velvety smooth even after a few days. Sometimes I use the facial polish as little as once a week and still feel refreshed and awakened in my skin which is great for them slothful days we all have.

Next up, my secret weapon. Literally. The Benefit's 'instant comeback' facial serum. Now, this is the real deal. The company guarantees customer satisfaction which at first I was like of course they're going to say that about their own product but seriously I was and am still HELLA satisfied! And let me assure you this is no sponsor! Just my own opinion. I went out to buy my normal benefit brow products and I found a 3 for 2 deal on all benefit products. And me being me gotta make use of the great bargain. So I had a look at all the products they do, and this facial serum stood out to me. I've been wanting something that felt reviving for a while, and the name 'instant comeback' literally jumped at me (total sucker for a good packaging name). It was exactly what I felt my skin needed. So there I was paying and totally excited to try the new items in my bag.

The first time I used it I was a little disappointed, it felt sticky and heavy. Then I realised I was using way too much product. One pump is all you need! It covers all your face and oh my days does it smell utterly divine; such a fresh (cucumber-like) but not so strong smell, it’s just perfect. But that's just a side point haha I get too carried away! Back to one pump: Using a small amount completely changed how it felt! It wasn't sticky or heavy at all. It makes my skin feel smoother and so energised. It's honestly the best way to start the day, it makes me feel like I've got such a productive day ahead of me which then makes my day even more productive (if that makes sense). It makes me want to try all of their other energetic products. Putting it on at night also gives your skin such an amazing experience; you wake up with soft supple skin which again is everyone's ideal morning. I highly recommend this magic in a bottle!


I might be the only one but my lips during the cold season really need attention! I have literally tried every lip balm there is, Vaseline, Carmex, Nivea, EOS, Maybelline baby lips, Chapstick...I'm not even joking, I have literally tried the lot. Then I was told about the NUXE ultra nourishing lip balm. It retails for £10.00 and I usually get it from Marks & Spencer or online. It's so thick and feels like you're putting a luxurious clay on your lips (I put loads on) which is exactly what I need when my lips are so dry, chapped, and burning in pain. I find it so soothing. It also helps get rid of all the dry skin after using it a few times; A homemade scrub of olive oil and sugar after using the lip balm a few times easily gets rid of the dry skin and exfoliates the lips making it seem as though your lips didn't just go through a winter blizzard. If your lazy or rushing about (the story of my life) a towel works great as an exfoliator (instead of the homemade scrub) after the nuxe lip balm to get rid of all the dry skin.


One of my top tips is using the Dior Addict lip glow (shade 001 Pink) on both my lips and cheeks! I feel like it gives me the reviving colour I so desperately lack on my pale skin. I feel as though my lips look luscious and full of life using this, and this also reflects on my cheeks. I slightly blend the glow on my cheeks with my finger to make it look like a natural rich colour to my cheeks. This tip initially started as a bit of a laugh haha: I was thinking how pale my skin is and how I would love a natural looking blush that doesn't dry out my skin whilst I was using the Dior Addict lip glow. Then I jokingly thought the lip glows colour on my lips should be on my cheeks, and I found myself applying the lip balm on my cheeks. I was stunned and beyond excited, now I always use it on my cheeks and strut around with a natural, enchanting glow which is every girl's secret desire.

This is all just a very easy and quick routine that suits my skin and day during this time of year. I would love to find out your skin care routine is, and hope this helps you in some way!


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