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Not sure what to call this tablescape's a mixture of minimalism and vintage with a touch of spring?

This year for the plates I've decided to stick to just two...a pasta bowl and a cereal bowl. Let's be honest, pasta bowls are so much easier to use than dinner plates.. for everything not just pasta. If you've been following me for the past two years on Instagram you'll know that I'm a sucker for that several dinner plate stack look...I usually even add an extra one for good measure haha! Don't get me wrong I still love that look, but realistically not one of us ever used all of the plates.

I'm also opting for touches of natural basket this year as I feel like it ties in best with the current table and furniture (greenwich range from M&S) we have at home. Our furniture features a lot of warm woods, and over time I've realised that basket/rattan works best with it! The warm tones give the house a cosier feel. I'd love to change the actual table each time as I feel like it plays a huge role with how the final table set-up looks, but I obviously can't. Not only would it not be financially sustainable it would defy the true essence of Ramadan!

Lots of love,

your girl at pinkserenityx

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