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Paperback books cost £7.00 each. This is for 4 books.


Here at Pink Booktiquex we only use old books that we source form places such as charity stores to make sure we're giving back whist we recycle books. Due to this we must state that each book has it's own character; assorted sizes, colours and condition.

The books we collect are usually between:

Length: 19 - 25cm

Width: 13 - 18cm

Height: 1.5 - 4cm

Usually our hardback books are on the larger scale.


Ribbon Widths:

Skinny: 3/4mm

Medium Width: 10mm

Wide: 22/23mm


Due to the site listing options I am unable to create the option of having an overlap of 2 different ribbons colours, heart stamp etc as shown in many of the photos on instagram (@pinkbooktiquex) therefore please feel free to add this to addional notes/requests section. Select the option 'other' if you'd like to request a colour that's not listed and state it in the additional notes box. A lot is possible here at pinkbooktique; don't hold back on your requests!


Please note: Only our hardback books are painted.

Paperback 4-Book Bookstack

Ribbon Colour
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