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Hey babes! This is my first month where I am sharing my monthly favourites! I hope to do this on a regular basis unless I don't discover anything worth sharing - I will only ever share something I love 110% and use/wear myself on many more than a few occasions!

My monthly favourites will include all sorts of picks - from fashion, to beauty to books, pretty decor items and anything in between! I will try to separate them in categories so you can flick though to which you prefer darlings! Also, I'm not going to be doing the usual '10/20 monthly favourites' as I don't want to constrict or force myself to be taking away or adding to make it 'fit' the numeric value - I will only share what I truly believe in and love whether it be 1 item or 50.


1. Floral Heels - I am loving floral-print heels this month! They provide you with the key starter colours for your outfit. Such as in my graduation / formal outfit post - I had floral heels which were pink and had cream, and mink detailing so the majority of my outfit was cream (cream wide leg pants and dress), pale pink coat and mink bag! I worked the outfit around the heels - I know some of you will think I'm crazy but I have a shoe obsession! Also, it was a graduation post darlings and y'all know it's all about the shoes during graduation!

2. Stripe Blouses - The stripe-pattern trend has hit this summer season like the heatwave! Unexpected yet absolutely incredible - I am absolutely loving it as are so many! As well as dresses and jumpsuits, I am dying over the cotton bardot tops and chiffon blouses! This lilac one from marks and spencer is on my NEED list - I am abroad atm so I can't get it but I will (hopefully! If i find my size when I'm back.) I am also loving navy & white stripes as I've found mixing navy with summer pastels and bright colours such as pinks, yellows and red to be a winner! (Who remembers the sailor navy and red trend?? I loved it! Deffo feel like it may be coming after this stripe trend y'all - either way I'm mixing in red with navy as I love this combo with or without the trend!)


1. Top Handle Side Bag/Clutch - I've always loved and still love little bags with a cute top handle. It just adds some extra quick and character to the bag and the outfit your wearing! Recently I purchased a mink Furla bag to go with my outfit and it just felt like the perfect finish to the outfit - I always make sure the colour ties in with all items of the outfit.

2. Purses (Ted Baker) - These purses are life-long friends! They'll be there for you till the end! And lets say you have a problem with it thats regarding the clasp or stitching you can be sure to swap it for another at Ted, their service is always the best - I've never had any problems. They're also the prettiest! What isn't pretty from Ted Baker.


1. Clarins Wrinkle Control Cream for Face and Very High Protection UVB/UVA 50+ Sun Cream - Not only is this a fab sun screen, it is also the best moisturiser! This is because it contains aloe vera which research has revealed contains softening and moisturising compounds. It doesn't melt off you skin but with the heat it allows moisture on the skin. I'm not the best at explaining beauty/ skin care products (as I'm sure you can tell already) but this is my ride-or-die product during warmer/ sunny weather! The texture and consistency of the sun cream is perfect - not sticky & thick but also not light & runny - it's somewhere in the middle. However, I must say I do mix in the tiniest bit of moisturiser (I use e45) if it's not too hot, as it can be a little dry on my skin. But when its hot hot I completely skip the moisturiser as it just makes me feel like my whole face is melting off.

2. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - I have now been using this for just over a month and I am in love! I don't use it everyday, but every other day or third day. I use it as a quick face wash on the days I don't use my actual face wash that requires water. I'm abroad at the moment, and I have found it so useful as a face wash especially when I need something asap to give me that 'feel-fresh/clean' feel, if you know what I mean. Just a few drops on a cotton pad and wipe my face all around - it makes me feel like a deep clean on my face haha!


1. PRIMARK Hair Pins (wide hair grips) - So random! But trust me you'll be over the moon and thanking me for this one darlings! This goes to all girlies who put their hairs in a bun - to either wear out or under a hijab! Primark hair pins are the ones! I have always avoided cheap hair grips/ pins as their finish tends to be quite rough and end up pulling/ripping my hair when I use them. However, primank (primani as I like to call it) ticks all the boxes! The finish of the grips/pins are fab - I not experienced any hair pulling from them and I've been using them every day for over two months now! They're also a great price: £1 for a whole box of them! And yes they come in a super cute see-through box that fits amazingly in small bags, and looks pretty on the counter...with any decor! Also when I say a box of them it's a lot - but we all know how quickly and easily they get lost until we have the last few... that is when we put their life before our own (literally lmao!)

For me finding 50+ in a plastic box which opens and fastens, for only a pound without experiencing any painful hair issues just makes my heart skip a beat or two...I'm so in love! Also, a little top tip to my hijabi girlies out there- hair pins are thin and way less obvious under a headscarf than hair clips (the claw/grabby ones.) I know your all thinking that hair claw things are way easier and faster to do (8 for a pound too btw in primark with fab finish aswell) than hair pins but darlings I ain't saying wear hair pins on lazy day outs (just wrap and out hahah - if you know you know ;))

And did I mention they come in all colours - Black, darker brown and a light brown/blonde colour so don't worry they'll match most hair colours - whoop whoop to primani!


Hope you all enjoyed and found something you'll never want to live without from my blogpost! Let me know on insta DMs or in the comments below - I'd love to know what it is that's made your heart skip a beat!

P.S. I'm re-reading this and it's hilarious how I've got so much to say about the smallest thing - Primani Hair pins loool! It's the little things in life ey :P

Have a fab day my lovelies!

x X x x

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Najida Ali
Najida Ali
Sep 10, 2018

I also loved the stripe trend during the summer! Loved the post x

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