Hey darlings!! It's that time again where most of us can't believe that the 'uni' and 'student life' is finally over!! After my last exam I literally went straight home and crashed on my bed, passing out. The lack of sleep and the mass amount of stress from those last few, hard-core months all catch up with you the second you get home! I've been seeing the stores promoting graduation / formal outfits so I thought I'd put together items / outfits - ideas that I think are perfect for graduation / formal event - ticking both class and modesty.

W I D E L E G T R O U S E R S x

In my opinion wearing wide leg trousers and a straight-cut dress/ long top over gives all the classy formal yet elegant vibes! I'm not keen on trousers that are of a tailored fit as it makes the shoes pop in an awkward way, whereas wide leg lets it flow seamlessly (this is a tip I learnt from the gorgeous Lydia Millen.)

Coast ALBA trouser // Coast DERRI trouser // Mango trousers // Reiss LEYA trouser

S T R A I G H T - C U T M I D I D R E S S / T U N I C x

The straight (a-line) cut is a must! This is what keeps the whole outfit looking sleek, and elegant. A dress with a clinched in waist or full skirt doesn't give it the needed graduation formal and classy look.

Hobbs LIBBY Dress // Hobbs FRANCES Dress // Ted Baker CAPRILA Tunic

Hobbs HERMIONE Dress - Out of stock however available in outlet stores, can be tracked down (Yupp if I like something that out-of-stock button isn't stopping me!)

L O N G C O A T / D U S T E R J A C K E T x

Just in-case the typical UK weather strikes the day of your graduation! Tbh I'd wear a long blazer/ coat/ duster jacket on top of wide leg trouser and a straight-cut knee-length dress even if the weather doesn't call for it, as it just adds volume to the whole look. And totally adds a more structured and tailored look therefore more classy/ formal look which is what were aiming for!

Coast PENELOPE jacket // Ted Baker EMILLIO coat // Coast LACEY jacket // Coast SHANIE jacket

M A X I D R E S S x

You can definitely still make a maxi dress work! I must warn you tho darlings it is hard! Maxi dresses tend to be of a chiffon material, and quite flowey - making it hard to turn this from a party/bridesmaid-look to an elegant formal look.

M A X I S K I R T x

Regarding a maxi-skirt I would say an a-line skirt gives the most formal and classy look, however, if your after a more of a done-up but classy look I'd say a full-circle skirt would still work but the colour would have to be a solid neutral - cream/tan, grey, black or white.

Personally I would go for a the first three suggestions together as an outfit (wide leg trousers, knee length dress and long jacket) - it flows easier and give the best done-up yet graduation smart/ classy look. However, I've found some maxi dresses, skirts and classy blouses I already have/ or love which I think will be pulled off superbly for graduation / formal event if this is what your after! Again, I think the key to make a maxi-dress and skirt look formal and put-together, is to opt for a A-line cut. This means not a wide, flared, full-circle skirt / dress - needs to seamlessly drop down the sides of your body giving a flattering and elegant fit. As for material I would go for a heavy-weight fabrics which have movement. And a lil top tip - try to go for a 'fully lined' skirt/ dress as it just eliminates the whole see-through faff we all cringe and worry about!

Jacques Vert Maxi // Asos Maya Maxi // Chi Chi Fiyona Dress // Modanisa Zehrace Dress

MANGO Flowy Long Skirt // Modanisa - Armine Maxi // Modanisa - Armine Maxi


Thought I'll also share some gorgeous items I'm loving and would be super graduation / formal event appropriate. This is to go with the maxi skirts and dresses. And omg girlies I cannot state this more clearly - PLEASE TUCK IN THOSE BLOUSES! Hahah it's such a little thing but oh my days does it just make the outfit look so much more classy, and put together!

Ted Baker RELAR Blouse // Marks & Spencer Blouse // John Lewis - Finery Papaya Blouse

Ted Baker FI Jacket // H&M blazer Grey // H&M Blazer Cream

S H O E S x

For me, graduation is all about the beautiful pair of heels! Totally where I would splash some cash! Go stylish, statement and pretty!! A little bit of comfort is important too girls! Like it's a full day and has a lot of walking especially if its not a campus university! You can always find out the walking distance once you get your uni's graduation day plan. If you do get blisters or sore feet I highly recommend using Compeed plasters - they're a tad pricy for plasters but omgare they worth it. I once lent my friend one as she was in agony, and she was like WOW after using it! She asked me send her a snap ASAP so she could purchase two packets in one go for then and future use hahah!

Ted Baker PEETCHP // Reiss GEORGIA // Marks & Spencer // Ted Baker HALLDEN

B A G / C L U T C H x

This for me is where I like to splash some cash (ALWAYS - even on a casual outfit). I just love bags, they're timeless pieces which I will always need/ reach for, plus I'm a bit of a bag-hoarder! I always like to be a little different when it comes to my bag for occasions like this. It's just the perfect opportunity to add a cuteness, preppy and quirk to the outfit. It gives the outfit character and your identity. Some options are having a little clutch with a lil top handle (pointless yet so pretty), or beaded/jewelled or chain handle detailing.

Furla Moonstone - comes in beige colour and others// Furla Orchidea // Micheal Kors Ava XS - comes in a cute pink too // Furla Sabbia - comes in a pink and others

H I J A B x

Neutral darlings. Light creams, greys, pinks and whites! You want to stand out and pop in your graduation hat! However, black does look super smart - the choice is yours darlings!

Modanisa Headscarf // Haute Hijab Headscarf // Haute Hijab Headscarf

M A K E - U P x

I would say light and natural y'all. That is totally up to you an can have many interpretations! This is the routine I did: