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Hey darlings!! It's that time again where most of us can't believe that the 'uni' and 'student life' is finally over!! After my last exam I literally went straight home and crashed on my bed, passing out. The lack of sleep and the mass amount of stress from those last few, hard-core months all catch up with you the second you get home! I've been seeing the stores promoting graduation / formal outfits so I thought I'd put together items / outfits - ideas that I think are perfect for graduation / formal event - ticking both class and modesty.

W I D E L E G T R O U S E R S x

In my opinion wearing wide leg trousers and a straight-cut dress/ long top over gives all the classy formal yet elegant vibes! I'm not keen on trousers that are of a tailored fit as it makes the shoes pop in an awkward way, whereas wide leg lets it flow seamlessly (this is a tip I learnt from the gorgeous Lydia Millen.)

S T R A I G H T - C U T M I D I D R E S S / T U N I C x

The straight (a-line) cut is a must! This is what keeps the whole outfit looking sleek, and elegant. A dress with a clinched in waist or full skirt doesn't give it the needed graduation formal and classy look.

Hobbs HERMIONE Dress - Out of stock however available in outlet stores, can be tracked down (Yupp if I like something that out-of-stock button isn't stopping me!)

L O N G C O A T / D U S T E R J A C K E T x

Just in-case the typical UK weather strikes the day of your graduation! Tbh I'd wear a long blazer/ coat/ duster jacket on top of wide leg trouser and a straight-cut knee-length dress even if the weather doesn't call for it, as it just adds volume to the whole look. And totally adds a more structured and tailored look therefore more classy/ formal look which is what were aiming for!


M A X I D R E S S x

You can definitely still make a maxi dress work! I must warn you tho darlings it is hard! Maxi dresses tend to be of a chiffon material, and quite flowey - making it hard to turn this from a party/bridesmaid-look to an elegant formal look.

M A X I S K I R T x

Regarding a maxi-skirt I would say an a-line skirt gives the most formal and classy look, however, if your after a more of a done-up but classy look I'd say a full-circle skirt would still work but the colour would have to be a solid neutral - cream/tan, grey, black or white.

Personally I would go for a the first three suggestions together as an outfit (wide leg trousers, knee length dress and long jacket) - it flows easier and give the best done-up yet graduation smart/ classy look. However, I've found some maxi dresses, skirts and classy blouses I already have/ or love which I think will be pulled off superbly for graduation / formal event if this is what your after! Again, I think the key to make a maxi-dress and skirt look formal and put-together, is to opt for a A-line cut. This means not a wide, flared, full-circle skirt / dress - needs to seamlessly drop down the sides of your body giving a flattering and elegant fit. As for material I would go for a heavy-weight fabrics which have movement. And a lil top tip - try to go for a 'fully lined' skirt/ dress as it just eliminates the whole see-through faff we all cringe and worry about!


Thought I'll also share some gorgeous items I'm loving and would be super graduation / formal event appropriate. This is to go with the maxi skirts and dresses. And omg girlies I cannot state this more clearly - PLEASE TUCK IN THOSE BLOUSES! Hahah it's such a little thing but oh my days does it just make the outfit look so much more classy, and put together!


S H O E S x

For me, graduation is all about the beautiful pair of heels! Totally where I would splash some cash! Go stylish, statement and pretty!! A little bit of comfort is important too girls! Like it's a full day and has a lot of walking especially if its not a campus university! You can always find out the walking distance once you get your uni's graduation day plan. If you do get blisters or sore feet I highly recommend using Compeed plasters - they're a tad pricy for plasters but omgare they worth it. I once lent my friend one as she was in agony, and she was like WOW after using it! She asked me send her a snap ASAP so she could purchase two packets in one go for then and future use hahah!

B A G / C L U T C H x

This for me is where I like to splash some cash (ALWAYS - even on a casual outfit). I just love bags, they're timeless pieces which I will always need/ reach for, plus I'm a bit of a bag-hoarder! I always like to be a little different when it comes to my bag for occasions like this. It's just the perfect opportunity to add a cuteness, preppy and quirk to the outfit. It gives the outfit character and your identity. Some options are having a little clutch with a lil top handle (pointless yet so pretty), or beaded/jewelled or chain handle detailing.

Furla Moonstone - comes in beige colour and others// Furla Orchidea // Micheal Kors Ava XS - comes in a cute pink too // Furla Sabbia - comes in a pink and others

H I J A B x

Neutral darlings. Light creams, greys, pinks and whites! You want to stand out and pop in your graduation hat! However, black does look super smart - the choice is yours darlings!

M A K E - U P x

I would say light and natural y'all. That is totally up to you an can have many interpretations! This is the routine I did:

1. Wash face with water and using a cotton pad I wipe with Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - I sorta use this as a face wash most days (or I use the Dead Sea Spa Magik facial wash)

2. Fill in the brows lightly using benefit precisely my brow eyebrow pencil

3. E45 (I don't have eczema or dry skin but I always use this as my moisturiser -works a dream for me!) and a tad of Clarins Sun wrinkle control cream 50+ (if its sunny)

4. Dab of YSL Forever Youth serum and YSL Touche éclat concealer under my eyes

5. A teeeeny bit of mascara to tint the blonde tips of lashes and curl them. I don't like using too much mascara cause there just isn't one thats not clumpy - if you know of some hit me up please!! I like lashes to be so so natural!

6. Dior lip glow (I get the 001 pink shade girlies!) on my lips and cheeks!

Done - 5-10 mins yall! - yes i'm just so so basic (and totally unexperienced as I'm sure you can tell!) when it comes to make-up, I don't usually wear any just the dior lip glow which I swear-by on the daily!

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S x

Hope you find these outfit ideas and tips useful! I would love to find out what you wear for graduation - let me know!

A huge congratulations to those graduating, I hope you all have a future full of success x

x X x x



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