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Yesss I'm raving about H&M yet again... and I'm not planning on stopping! Quite frankly they are killing the high street game. Not only are their pieces affordable but they are nailing every criteria I only ever find in high-end high street stores. It's become my go-to place as I’m finding timeless styles, sustainable options and those beautiful fabrics that have that soft floatility feel to them that doesn't look or feel tacky (for those wondering in the pinkserenityx dictionary: Floatility is a verb, and it is when clothes/fabrics have the ability to float in the air in an elegant manner :P).

As if I needed another reason to obsess over H&M, they only go and release their latest campaign (called the chic escape) with none other than our favourite gal Lydia Elise Millen. I wanted to share a few of my favourite pieces from the collection on my blog, and I added a bunch of other items that also caught my eye.

I plan on layering a shirt with the pale blue jumpsuit with smocking (1) just like I've done in the flatlay photo. I'm pairing it with a pair of mules for that relaxed day look, but I'll definitely be dressing it up with a pair of wedges. Throw on a cardi and your all spring/summer ready... to be honest you just need to move out of the UK to actually find some sun and nowww your all set!

A pair of wide leg trousers in light beige is hard to find. A pair of wide leg trousers in light beige, which isn’t see-through but still has that fabric floatility is even harder to find. And two pairs...I actually screamed a little! Believe me I've been looking for a looong time, so when I came across these beauties it was a no brainier to get them both. The wide paper bag trousers (3) is more of a thick linen sort of fabric so it would be perfect for the cooler days; I can see so many outfits for autumn too! Whereas the trousers with a tie belt (10) is more of an airy, crepe-like material which would be perfect a smarter/work appropriate look.

Recently I’ve been wanting to experiment more with flats. I still love and will always be faithful to my heels dw but just for the 'odd here and there' occasions; those lazy days where I’m just running a bunch of random errands. These natural coloured fringed ballet pumps (9) are the cutest! The point lengthens your foot which I find perfect when I've opted for wide leg trousers! I’m looking forward to wearing them with a maxi dress too, this blue button up floral dress (8) to be exact.

I've linked all the items on this post below for you, and be sure to check out my instagram to find out what I've purchased from the above and how I'll be wearing them!

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