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As winter creeps in our thoughts turn to cosy jumpers, oversized cardigans and thermal leggings. But the same old problem comes to light. What can we do and where can we store all those summer bits we want to hold on to for next year?

If you need to clear some space in your wardrobe for those big coats and tall boots, but want to hang on to favourite summer clothes - here are some tips on where and how to make space.


Go through all your summer outfits and set aside those that aren’t as fresh as they could be. If some items need dry cleaning, pop them in a bag ready to take.

When you have everything sorted, and know what you’re keeping make sure to wash the clothes you’re going to pack away for summer (here’s a fab post to help with that). Stains left in for months at a time become even harder to get out, but to be honest besides the practical reason it’s just a lot nicer to unpack fresh, ready to wear clothes next season.

For the items you have dry cleaned, take them out of their plastic coverings. As the covering can trap moisture and lead to discolouring or mildew growth. A better choice of covering is a fabric bag (use those handbag or shoe duster bags girls), or even a wide pillowcase with a hole cut for the hanger.


Storing is just as important as keeping what you want. You might just think a hanger is a hanger, but you guys honestly there’s so much more to it! There are different styles for a reason:

  • Padded hangers - These provide the best of protection! Don’t worry about those delicate fabrics and they hold onto silky fabrics, preventing the annoying slipping’s.

  • Sturdy (wooden) shaped hangers - Support the shoulders of heavy garments (coats and jackets), preventing sagging or fabric damage.

  • Clip hangers - Hold those skirts and trousers by the waistband, preventing creases in the garment body.

  • Narrow wire hangers - If you can just avoid these when it comes to storage! They offer little support and may even rust or cause discolouration over time.


Try to avoid using a vacuum bag as these crush items and can result in deep creases that are hard to remove – a real pain in the backside.

If you’re storing clothes in boxes, choose acid-free cardboard or transparent plastic tubs. Fold or roll clothes loosely and leave plenty of room in the box rather than packing things in tightly. For extra protection, line the box with fabric or acid-free paper to give some padding and protection to delicate fabrics.


Yes the hardest part of it all! Finding that actual space to store those summer clothes and random summer things like suitcases. Don’t worry tho, your girls got you covered!

AT HOME: Make the most of unused areas in the bottom of closets to stack cardboard or plastic tubs. You could use suitcases instead of storage boxes if you’re not using your luggage over winter. Alternatively, a set of pretty vintage suitcases on top of the wardrobe can look like a stylish display rather than a lack of storage. Up in the loft might be an option if it’s clean and dry, or swap bed frames for divans or ottomans that have storage space built in.

AWAY FROM HOME: Consider self storage units, especially if you’re putting away summer clothes for all the family and need space for more than a couple of boxes or cases. Self storage facilities don’t mind you installing storage furniture such as free-standing shelves, drawer units or hanging rails. You can choose from a wide range of room sizes so you can space things out to let air circulate. The other bonus is handy locations, so if you need to get something back it’s practically on the doorstep.

Fashion can come and go, change with the seasons and differ from year to year, but some classics hang around forever! Storing favourites and wardrobe classics between seasons can save so much money, so I don’t know about you but this gives me the perfect excuse to go shop plenty more which I am SO here for!


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