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So this is going to be a little outfit 'in depth' kind of blogpost. It can be quite difficult to get the gist of an outfit from flatlay's so I will title the outfit (I hope you'll all enjoy my attempts at a creative and quirky outfit title) and explain/link all the pieces in the photo. Lets get stuck in - the vintage check with a dusk of pink.


The trousers in this photo are from H&M for only £15 (yes, I know an absolute bargain - your welcome!) but you'll have to be quick on this one as there's only a few of each size as I write this. I would say the fit is true to size, and the length isn't at all awkwardly long - unless your a littlen. The material is structured yet still falls elegantly; ideal for work and those smart/casual outings.


Staying true and faithful to H&M I found this gorgeous white timeless dress. It's the kind of dress you know you'll be wearing time and time again, dressed up or down no matter the occasion. With it being white and a soft viscose fabric it means it is slightly see through. But do not fear I got you covered (quite literally as well lol - sorry let me laugh at me dry jokes), I placed this brown cotton dress underneath as an underlay/ layering thing. Not only is this extra coverage, its also super warm and the brown comes through the white - complementing the checked trousers and the pink accessories perfectly! I've always thought that an outfit is in the details, and this extra attention of matching the underlay with the colours of the main pieces is crucial to tie it all in , overall looking more put together hence an elegant outfit.


I've gone for the classic - match your scarf with the bag ladies if you don't want to inject any extra colours. If you know me then you'll know I have very light and minimal colour palettes, so when it came to these checked trousers I knew I didn't want to add anything too bold, I kept the palette quite neutral by adding my go to babe of a colour - pink. But I went for a more dusky/blush pink as I feel it compliments the different shades of browns in the trousers much nicer. (I've heard this kind of pink is called pressed blush pink but I ain't too sure on that lingo -I just call it a dusky pink) Get used to seeing this shade of pink as I have a feeling this and variety of brown/cream colours are going to hit the stores like a storm! The majority of catwalks I've seen in the later months of 2018 had these colours in all their collections.


Shoes shoes shoes. In my world this pretty much only means heels. Like 109% of the time, the other 1% very rarely comes to play! I opted for a timeless block pointed heel which I got from Marks & Spencer. Sadly the ones in this photo are no longer available online, I have seen a few in store though so it might be worth popping into the shops. Here are some other pairs of heels which I am also loving.

I hope you've enjoyed this sort of blogpost - I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below! Until next time my darlings, pinkserentyx

x X x x


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