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I've searched high and low and I think I've found the dreamiest must-have dresses for this years summer wardrobe! I'll have you swooning. Get comfy and prepare to see my top dreamy dresses. With my choices I've covered all the necessities: the delicate lights, the cotton/ linen, and of course the floaty florals we see every summer.


By delicate lights I mean the whites, creams, greys and pastel colours. The classic can't-go-wrong dresses! To me they shout SUMMER (and ever so classy if you wanna be clever and keep them for all year round). I've rounded up some of my favourites I've bought/ seen.

First up the GAL MEETS GLAM - MARILYN DRESS - this is an absolute beauty! I was that crazy girl refreshing my phone waiting for the release of Julia Hengal - Gal meets Glam dresses! It was her first ever collection - I had to get one (wish I could've got them all but I had to be sensible and stay 'Gal on a budget' as Julia would say!). After a long thought process, I finally narrowed it down to MARILYN. To then find out it was named after her grandmother who was one of her inspirations to fashion was an honour, it made me confirm I made the best choice!

The dress has the most elegant fit, and the material is so silky and floaty! But most importantly it made me feel like a ballerina and a princess - a ballerina princess! Lets put my child heart to one side haha and focus. It's such a delicate & feminine dress, while really bringing out that strong beautiful woman in front of the mirror even more! (EDIT - And now it's in the sale from $178 only $106 (£80) - it's definitely worth it!)

Here are some other delicate lights I've found for you:


Hands up! The best two materials for summer dresses - it's just sooo breezy! (I'll be releasing my favourite linen & cotton tops finds too y'all!! Cause let's face it, they're simply irresistible this summer!)

Both these materials are so lightweight it makes you feel like you're free cause you can totally move around freely in this heat! Finally, there's a reason they're in every store whether that's high street, designer or online-only stores ; they're just so beautiful. Here are some of my favourites:

(oh and your welcome - I had to include a 'statement yellow' cause it's going mad y'all! Thank you lemons and Amal Clooney who looked insanely divine in yellow at Prince Harry & Megan's royal wedding! )


Oh heyyy you fabulous florals! Floaty florals are an every year, every season kinda thaang, and we all love them! For me Ted Baker and Gal meets Glam just smash the floral game every time! They bring the beauty of natures' best flowers into our wardrobe in a feminine, yet playful way. I've always thought floral dresses should be made with floaty fabrics such as lightweight chiffon and crepe!

Here are the perfected floaty florals I recommend:

Happy Dress Shopping - hope this helped y'all!!

x X x x


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