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Oh spring, the season where we witness the days getting longer, brighter and the birth of so many beautiful flowers & petals! A very pretty season it is. One of which I fully embrace both at home and out.

I always start by updating the decor at home. And I honestly don’t mean breaking the bank for those who are rolling there eyes and near clicking off. I mean rearranging what you currently have at home, so for example that bookshelf you may have by the door why not move it near the window? I’m sure you get the picture. The only thing I do splash out on is flowers! A lot of people say that it’s money down the drain as they don’t last for long, it’s a “for now” thing - not an investment. I get that but there is just SOMETHING about having fresh blooms at home! It's hard to explain the exact feeling but they really freshen up the room, and I genuinely feel like they brighten up the day and my mood. I mean even when you look into the whole science side of things they do clean and filter the air of the room. There’s even been studies (sorry I am fully aware this isn’t a uni essay but this is actually kinda interesting) that show that having flowers around have positive psychological effects such as reducing feelings of anxiety, pain and even helping with fatigue. It makes sense right? After all since centuries we‘ve always given flowers to the sick so maybe it really does work? Either way I love having fresh flowers around me and I definitely feel the difference when I don’t!

The one I currently have in my room was kindly gifted by Handy Flowers. It’s their Glamour bouquet and I can assure you that glamorous it is! It‘s got the pastel pink, lilac, peach roses mixed with a pop of red and a class of white. Absolute perfection, especially for this week as it’s forecasted to be sunny - okay this is U.K. so that means windy but the sun is definitely brightening up the place! If you also want to get your hands on a bouquet like this be sure to use the code NY19 for 10% off! As you can see their bouquets are beautifully wrapped with so much thought & care. They also arrange and deliver the bouquet the next day too!

After giving my room the spring up it needs I then move onto my wardrobe. Bye bye to all the chunky coats, jumpers and a huge hello to the fun and delightful spring pieces!

1. NATURAL FIBRES - this speaks to me every spring (and summer!) Wedges, straw bags, hats and jewellery - we’re constantly flirting this time of year! The natural colours and fabrics make everything look classical if that makes sense. They’re such an easy way to elevate an outfit and even convert any outfit to look a little more fun and springy!

2. CREAMS & WHITES - this sort of goes with the whole natural fibres as cream and white are what I class as natural colours. I don’t know about you but they’re colours I wear all year round but I reach for them more this time of year. This is where I usually like to invest a little bit more as I know I’ll be wearing it the following seasons. Plus these colours are like a safety zone you know, like they’ll match with pretty much everything. Even those random bits in your wardrobe that are collecting dust!

3. STRIPES - this usually isn’t me but for about three years now I’ve really fallen for this sort of trend! It seems like a basic print but it adds that structure and sophistication which I’m an absolute sucker for. This flattering stripe print can be worn casually aswell as hella fancy!

Ive got to admit that I personally opt for vertical stripes, and not the horizontal stripes (to help I mean head to toe and not left to right shoulder) This is because I feel like that vertical stripes elongate my figure which for me is a bonus. But that’s just my opinion on my own figure.

4. BRODERIE - for those who don’t know this is that lace like print and cut on usually cotton fabric. This is one of my favourite detailing on tops and dresses, it’s just such a classy yet very pretty look. Preppy even, which is something I adore in outfits. This usually isn’t the most modest detailing after all it's got holes on what usually is a sheer/see-through fabric but this is where layering comes into play! Primark, H&M and Hobbs offer the best basic tops with additional cute details such as collars, long sleeves and even roller necks. And the best thing about them is that the fabric isn’t thick at all it’s like that drapey jersey/cotton so your not roasting under the sun but your undergarments are still for your eyes only lol. For dresses I recommend M&S slip dresses for that extra bit of layer. They have both silky fabrics as well as good old cotton, and the prices are really affordable too! I got you girls covered ;) quite literally too :p (pretty chuffed with myself and that pun ngl)

5. PASTELS (& FLORALS) - last but surely not least it comes to pastel colours! We all know that spring is the time for the delicate light colours to come into play, and mostly in beautiful floral prints. One of my favourite pastel colours to wear (aside from my obvious pink) is pale blue! I especially love it in floral prints and stripe prints.

I hope this blogpost helps you if your currently stuck with your spring style! I tried my best to pick trends which are more timeless (come back year after year) so they're worth the investment unlike the fast and temporary trends such as tassels and pompoms (which don’t get me wrong I also love but I feel like they’re more of a “moment” kind of thing and they can’t be worn later on in the year if you know what I mean.)

Until next time ladies, remember to chase your dreams! x x


This post contains a gifted collaboration.

x X x x


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