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Yet another outfit 'in depth' kind of blogpost. It can be quite difficult to get the gist of an outfit from flatlay's so I'm naming the outfit (y'all can enjoy & laugh at my attempts at a creative name) and will be linking and adding a tad more detail on all the pieces (or similar) in the photo. I'm naming this outfit the classic Neapolitan...yes you've read it right. I'm referring to Neapolitan ice cream; that big tub which had the classic brown chocolate, yellow banana or vanilla and pink strawberry layers. My childhood thoughts consisted of 'why was yellow always in the middle?' and 'how did they get it in the same tub without it all jumbling up?' - ah aren't they the good old thoughts! But lets get stuck in:


I've been checking the H&M new arrivals section on a daily basis these days as they have been smashing it to say the least. Since spotting this vintage v-neck dress I couldn't stop thinking about it, and how well it would work with most of my current wardrobe. Give or take a few days of thought, and some extra pennies off the price tag thanks to the h&m club member thing they have (tbh £29.99 for a belted, crepe-like material and cute sleeve-detailing dress is a bargain but hey ho your girls getting all the deals possible because it's in her blood to...quite literally lol) it just seemed like the perfect reason to I right? And I definitely do not regret this purchase! I've gotten so much wear out of it already; a straight-cut style meant I could wear it for work, but can still wear it for more casual outings. The colour is a lot more on the vintage, darker side than the photo online which initially surprised me, but I ended up loving the actual shade it came in more as it worked better with my usual pale pink/ nude tones, and checkered prints I was planning to wear it with. (Confession: I loved this dress so much that I had to invest in it's sister which comes in a white checked).


The ones on this photo are an old season item from Coast so they're no longer available, and sadly I am struggling to find wide leg trousers in this same nude shade that I actually like. I recently ordered a few from a different high street stores but they all weren't right. I won't be linking them as I will only recommend items I keep myself (or am loving but being sensible/living on a budget) but as always I will let you know any further updates on my Instagram stories, and will also update this blogpost.

I am a sucker for a pair of wide leg pants, not only are they modest and give that elegant feel to any outfit but the comfort factor is a big deal to me! Their my go-to as I look like I've spent a month planning this outfit, trying so hard when really I'm reaching for my easy option which make me feel like I'm in my sweatpants ;) I'm telling you this is a life-hack ('cause let's be real, who's never running late to work and needing all the possible easy/quick options).


She says shoes...but shoe obviously means heels. I opted for my current favourites: these timeless pointed block-heel shoes which I got from Marks & Spencer. Sadly the ones in this photo are no longer available online, I have seen a few in store here and there so it might be worth popping into your local M&S if you fancy them. Here are some other pairs of heels which I am lusting over. To further tie my heels into the outfit I wore the same mink/brown coloured handbag from Ted Baker which again sadly is out of stock as it's from a few seasons ago. I'm really not doing well here am I? - the majority of the picks are old season or out of stock, but this is the realities of life huns. I'm not here shopping on the daily. My favourite thing when it comes to fashion/creating outfits is to mix-and-match clothes - whether it be new, old or quite literally collecting dust since your great grandma's childhood - they can all be used at some point!

I hope you've enjoyed this sort of blogpost and like the classic Neapolitan - I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

Until next time my darlings,



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