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Is it just me but y’all this UK weather is having me totally confused. Autumn is now upon us so it's even more funked up - sometimes it's sunny & warm but then sometimes I'm literally on the verge of getting frostbite (but that might just be me - I'm cold all the time). I love wearing jumpers and cardigans in all seasons! They’re just so gorgeous for layering with a chic blouse/ shirt as well and look so great with skirts, jeans and trousers (basically everything.)

This was going to be a 'fashion find' blogpost featuring both jumpers and cardigans but I found so many gorgeous items I thought i'd split them up! Jumpers today and cardigans will be coming up later this week and it'll feature maxi cardigans too as this was highly requested! So here it is - I’ve rounded up my favourite jumpers that are super adorable - giving warmth whilst looking hella classy, and fashionable! I've separated them into categories of different prices 'cause ya know we all have a budget of some sort (well we should do anyway :P) . I've looked through the stores I usually go to for jumpers and also included stores that you requested on my instagram story postcard and post comments <3 [Primark was also requested but they don't have a full online collection so I'm thinking of popping into the store soon to do a lil primark knitwear find on my story so do stay tuned for that darlings.]

UNDER £30 x

First up how adorable is this PrettyLittleThing twist back jumper I found on the Asos site - it's only £20 and its white and cream...such pretty colour combo for Autumn. I can totally imagine this paired with white or burgundy skinny jeans/joggers when getting cozy at home. I'd probably wear a cream high neck top under just to give it some extra warmth cause y'all know this twist knot is more on the fashionable cute side than actual practical side - but it's so worth it right?! :P

How adorable is this mint green colour - totally giving me Ted Baker vibes without the price tag. I found this Urban Bliss high-neck jumper on the ASOS site too for £28. I love the cute blouse/shirt detailed trim - saves ya having to pair it with a blouse! I love the high-neck too!! It looks so cosy which is exactly what we need for that frostbite weather! It's also available in plus-size too for my curvy girls out there - I got you girlies! And can we just take a minute to imagine this with a cute pair of jeans or for a timeless look go for wide leg tailored trousers.

Loving the bow detail on this PrettyLittleThing Jumper! Isn't it just so cute! And I am so here for the hi-low style (longer length at the back!) What I also love about this jumper is how oversized the fit looks! I do love me an oversized jumper, they look amazing paired with a fitted maxi skirt or tailored jeans/trousers!

UNDER £50 x

I absolutely adore this Zara jumper as it looks so pristine clean and the balloon sleeves gives it such an expensive classy look. The Zara model matched it with a camel coloured maxi skirt - totally drooling over this look! Such a classy unique autumn look!

Isn't this one of the cutest jumpers around - I saw it on Lombard and Fifth instagram story and it is so on my River Island wishlist! It just looks super cosy and I love the colour! How cute would it look with cute pink bottoms? If I owned this I would quite literally live in this jumper!

How cute is this Marks and Spencer jumper? It is such a stylish item and imagine it worn over a cute pink shirt/blouse with a collar - total smart yet cute vibes! And adding earrings to the collar...loveeee this look it's always been my secret to jazz up items in a classy yet fashionable way! You can ditch the collared shirt/blouse for a less smart but more relaxed cosy look! I just love the cute frill back as it adds a whole other chic level to this jumper!

UNDER £100 x

Basically I am still living in and for the frill trend!! Love this jumper by Ted Baker (BROSL) in baby pink! This can be worn with everything and anything - the best kind of jumpers! Collared shirts/blouse, any length skirt, wide leg pants, or jeans! And this colour is my comfort colour - any season and can be included in any colour palette even red because it's the lightest as pink go so yes yes yesss to this jumper!

I am still lusting over this style of Ted Baker (YIZELDA) jumpers - the lace effect on the shoulders are gorgeous especially when paired with a shirt/blouse/tee under and you can see the colour of the under top through the lace! Love this look - I have a burgundy jumper similar to this grey jumper and I cant wait to re-wear it this Autumn! Ill show you how I style it soon on my instagram - make sure to stay tuned.

They're all such adorable jumpers! What I love the most is how classy they all look, the loose fit and the extra details such as the frills, pearls, lace, bows and off-shoulder or high neck really add that feminine yet fashionable touch to an outfit.

x X x x


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