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"Finally" ...Yes I know that's what your all thinking, but honestly this has been such a mission! Like seriously, where have the cardigans gone to this year? The feminine, pretty yet classy sort of cardigans, not just the cosy oversized cardigans. Don't get me wrong, the oversized look is hella cute and stylish in it's own way. In addition to that it is wonderfully comfortable to wear and pairing it with a belt can change the whole vibe of the outfit. But personally, I feel like it lacks to give me that sort of 'put-together' kind of look and feel. Which as you all know that feeling good in what I'm wearing is a must for me and I am too much of a sucker to the elegant smarter look in my everyday wear.

Initially I found quite a few amazing looking cardigans online. However, (lets be real. Of course there always is a 'however' regarding online shopping) I went into the stores this past weekend (new look, h&m and a few others) and oh my days no. Some of the cardigans I thought looked amazing were of such poor quality - I can't even believe they exist haha! I am so glad I decided not to post this before looking at them - now I can assure you all that the ones showed below are 110% items I love and thought were worthy of the share 'on the blog.' Also, as the hunt of cardigans proved to be difficult, I found grouping them into price points (which I did for the jumper finds blogpost) didn't really work out for this post. You might also thing that I didn't look at all the shops such as Zara and New Look for example, but I can assure you I did and I just couldn't find anything that was my sort of cup of tea - I am here to give you my honest picks that I actually own or would love to own/ considering its purchase.

But anywho, we're here again darlings! More inspiration for this funked up weather. My instagram girls (that's where I am most active!) requested both shorter and longer/maxi cardigans so I've made to sure I included a mixture of the two styles. Here are my picks:

First up I just have to share the classic h&m fine-knit cardigans - I've always been a fan of these! They're only £10 and come in almost every colour! They're a really good, comfy and lasting fabric too! The only thing I must say (my lil trick) is to size down to give it an even more put-together look. In the past I've had this cardigan in black, navy, mustard and dark green but at the moment I've got it in a cream, grey, white and baby pink (my style has shifted to lighter and earthy tones from what I used to wear 3-5 years back). It's an easy style to wear and add to outfits to complete any look your going for.

Next up is this Hobbs Eden Cardigan - yes it's on the pricier side but serious class in this cardigan - am I right, or am I right!?! I just love the white trim on the full black. Totally see this being dressed up or down! Work? Obviously. Everyday outings? For sure! Fancy girls outing? Dates? Nipping to the shops super quick (over a pj-top lol) yup yup and another yupp girls - this ticks it all no problem! In my opinion, all this makes it worth every penny! I've seen and tried on this cardigan in store and I was so tempted to buy it! The only reason I didn't go for it is because I am trying to save up money for a car! (I'm trying to be sensible y'all - your girl needs to get around)

Anyway back to this beauty - when I tried it on the fit was actually so devine. It sat perfectly on my shoulders and had such a flattering shape. And what made it even better was that the material, it was that chunky/thick knit yet floaty which give it such an elegant touch! But best of all about the material is that it just isn't gonna give you any of that bobble/lint/fluff ish (literally my long-time nemesis when it comes to knitwear).

Both the above cardigans aren't my usual style however I can't help but fall head over heels for their relaxed yet classical look. As well as a fab composition of chunky, ribbed and cosy materials, they're also in a timeless beige/ taupe colour which I just find so easy to throw over any outfit as it's such a neutral colour that works with both darker or lighter tones. Another touch I love about these cardigans are the oversized sleeves - I find this to be such a statement-like addition to an outfit (even though it's like your wrapped in a blanket and literally on cloud 9 of comfiness).

As you all know (from my instagram) I am a sucker for a ted baker. And ted baker knits! They just do the most delicate yet statement pieces which manages to tick fashionable as well as that lady classiness vibes.

At the moment Ted Baker have this KELLIA cardigan and legit can it get any more gorgeous? This easy on the eye print has all the perfect colours to go with so much. With the addition of rose gold buttons it will literally add so much volume to any outfit! And its such a bonus that it's been reduced from £99 to £65.

Here are some other picks I found which are good quality, decent prices and gorgeous styles and colours! I know this is just shopping, but this has somewhat been like looking for a needle in a haystack. Because of this I will stay on the look out and make additions to this blogpost - I'll let you know when I do so over on my socials.

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