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I'll take it in knitted fabric please, I'll take it all in knitted fabric!

The knitted trend is by far one of my current faves. As I'm sure you can all agree feeling cosy and warm is one of the best feelings. Especially during this time of year in the UK. I found this stunning kitted skirt from Marks and Spencer for only £35. It's available in a gorgeous grey, black, camel and a cinnamon blush too. All of which were really difficult to leave behind, but you gotta work with what you've got ey. I went for the 'raisin' colour (basically chocolate brown, but that's the snazzy term M&S use). I'll be honest it does bobble/lint a fair amount, but that can be said with most knitted items. The bobble/lint life was an absolute nemesis of mine but ever since coming across the Philips fabric shaver I've been living the best knitted life ever. It's so easy to use and gets rid of the bobbles in no time - highly recommend it!



The exact skirt I'm wearing is the first chocolate brown one that I've linked below. It looks like a light brown on the photos but that's just the editing - your girls still working on her editing skills - please bare with me hahah.


This specific corduroy blazer is from Reiss, however it's from their 2018 Autumn/ Winter collection so I wouldn't be able to link the exact one. I was lucky enough to snag it at a bargain price from their outlet store in the summer. Whether an item is old season or not doesn't really bother me especially when it's a timeless piece such as a blazer. Plus the blush & corduroy just spoke to my heart.

I've found some similar blazers:


The exact pair which I've been living in since getting my hands on them:

Here's some similar boots I'm also lusting over:


I couldn't find the exact jumper I'm wearing but i've linked similar:


The handbag I'm wearing is one of my absolute favourites which I've owned long before pinkserenityx came about. Unfortunately I've not found any that are the exact same style but I've linked some off-white handbags that are on my wishlist. As for the bracelets I've linked the exact ones:

x X x x


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