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Heyyy beautiful reader! It’s been a hot minute…and by minute I mean months…but I really do hope you are well and that we can pick it up from where we left it in terms of blogposts. I'm getting right into it with a styling post: how to style that “too-cool-for-school” denim jacket but still feel feminine and classy!

I'll be absolutely honest with you this is the first denim jacket I've owned. I've always loved the way they look, but I've also felt like they're a little too 'cool' for me. After many failed purchases and returns, I feel like I've finally figured out what I need to look out for in order to 'nail' the demin jacket look but still feel like me.

1. Don't go for a denim jacket that has too much going on. This includes things such as rips & tears, studs or pockets (a few pockets is expected) etc. I feel like even though a denim jacket is a timeless piece, it's also a statement piece in it's own right. Especially for someone like me who prefers an overall feminine look over something more edgy.

2. Get the size right! And don't go oversized with a denim jacket. Again, as cool as it looks I reached the decision that oversized denim jackets are just not my vibe. I tried...seriously I did...but I just felt like I was a sack of potatoes. Fitted jackets make the shoulders look just right, which in my opinion makes everything tie together in a sophisticated way and less in an edgy way.

3. If you’re going for the blue denim pick the right blue…this one’s a bit of a tricky one as there’s quite a few blue shades that are nice, but there are some blues that are either way too dark (I absolutely hate that near black denim colour…I can’t explain it it’s just not right. It's like go black or don’t go at all ygm) or patchy. By patchy I mean there’s too many bleached patches which again I feel like it’s too much going on; going back to my first point. A little here and there is okay as that’s just the natural way of jean/denim but when it starts looking like a tie-dye print…no thank you.

4. Style it wisely! I found that pairing a denim jacket with floral pieces balances it out a little…it’s hard to explain. It’s a little like the phrase ‘opposites attract!’…like I love the structure that a denim jacket gives with the floaty feminine-ness of florals. I find the same applies with denim and cute pastels!

Hope you’ve found these small tips useful. I'd love to see how you rock a denim jacket – DM me on the gram or you can email me ( I love outfit convos so I’ll be there in an instant!

Hope you have a lovely rest of your day darlings


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