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Y’allll I’m doing it. I am actually attempting the ‘gift guide blogpost!.’ I’m not going to lie I was sort’ve avoiding this and putting it off (that’s why it’s a little late) because this is the first time I’ve done this and it’s slightly scary as I feel like these sorta blogposts are placed on such a major pedestal. And I can’t help but have those doubts that I might not even get close to that pedestal! But hey ho the intentions are here and this is my version of it so I do hope this helps and gives you some ideas at the very leeaast!

My hope is to step out of the usual gift ideas and to tick all sorts of occasions whether it be Christmas/Eid, anniversaries or birthdays. Another hope (I’m a girl who can’t stop dreaming okayyy) is to share items/ideas that are unique, quirky but so lovely and practical!


JEWELLERY BOX - which girl doesn't own a little bit of spark, whether it be a ring that makes your finger go green or a fancy bracelet you got as a gift last year - they're all so special to us which makes it a no surprise that a lil box to save those special sparkles is a great gift!

I have collaborated with VOEU DU CŒUR (it means ‘desire of the heart’ – that alone has me! Such a perfect name for this beautiful jewellery box). I got to pick out the box I desired which for me was this gorgeous Octagon Ring Display Case in Cloud Pink! It’s a delicate and classy box and I honestly felt like it deserved more fancier jewellery thank my Ted Baker pieces.


If those fashionistas are anything like me then the protection of clothes is just as important as the actual item! It's a BIG deal! We need to prolong the life of every item whether it be a cardigan we wear once, a coat we’ve worn for a decade or a luxurious handbag!

1. FABRIC SHAVER – yup you heard (well read lol) me right a fabric shaver! I saw this on Josie’s Instagram stories and ordered it that same second! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know how excited I was by this, and I shared before and after photos of some items I de-bobbled! It is well and truly the best thing I bought this year – I have brought scarves, coats, and so much knitwear back to life! I even ordered one for my sister 'cause it was that amazing!

2. FABRIC SPRAY/ CANDLES/ WARDROBE ODOUR ABSORBING GELS - for an additional special touch to a main present. Whether it be a fancy spray for their room/ clothes or a selection of Zoflora! If it was me I'd be thrilled with this, as it's going the-extra-mile sorta thoughts behind it that make it even more special. Some great places to find these sorts of sprays/products are The White Company, Jo Malone or The Laundress. As for the Zoflora go to the good old Home Bargains or Amazon.

3. Steamer - Those fashionista will never go back to the ironing once this enters their life! You can find steamers on Amazon at a range of different price points. It's just such a quick, therapeutic and easy way to get rid of those annoying creases!


We all know those girls with a good nose - the ones that are smelt before they're actually seen, the ones that can pinpoint the perfume you're wearing from a mile away. Perfume perfume perfume! But which ones? I'll list my faves here which range in price points to help you out:


Luxury items /brands can really be a bit if a stretch especially during the festive months when your already having to spend a fortune! However there are little treats that shout luxury and fancy yet are also budget friendly! Here are some ideas:

- The classic and iconic Chanel lipstick (The Rouge Allure Velvet is a classic) or nail polishes - (Ballerina and Rouge Noir are the classic go-to shades)

- Dior lipstick – Ultra Rouge lipstick (shade 999 Ultra Dior is the classic red) or the Dior Lip Glow (I recommend the natural shade 001 Pink but it's best to base it around the lucky girl your buying it for - she might not have the same taste as me )

- Ted Baker purses are the ultimate gift as boy do they last forever, boy are they stunning and they have a range of prices: £20 - £100.


This post is in collaboration with voeu du cœur

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Rosie Ireland
Rosie Ireland
08 dic 2018

another stunning blog post from you!! i am defo a luxury lover but on a very smal budget haha


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Alice Fairweather
Alice Fairweather
03 dic 2018

What an amazing gift guide! Love all the sparkly bits! x

Me gusta

Gemma Louise Ellis
Gemma Louise Ellis
02 dic 2018

You own the prettiest things, everything looks amazing! Such gorgeous gift ideas x

Me gusta

27 nov 2018

This blog post is amazing! Such stunning photos and things!

Me gusta
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