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If you're a regular around here (and by 'here' I mainly mean instagram) you'll know I love a good pleated maxi skirt. They're just so easy to style modestly but make the overall outfit instantly look elegant and put together. I have been doing a 'modest styling challenge' this month over on my instagram reels and I recently featured a pleated maxi skirt which has somehow made me fall in love with them all over again!

If you've ever tried to hunt for a beautiful pleated maxi skirt (or anything modest-friendly for that matter...if you know you know haha) you'll know how incredibly challenging it can be. So I've done the digging for you; I've found a few beautiful, great quality and affordable pleated maxi skirts for you!

p.s...the best thing about the skirts I've found is that there is a petite, plus and tall variation for all the different colours! You're welcome :P

until next time ladies, stay beautiful, x X x x


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