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Heyyy and hello from me!

Yup it's me…I still exist. I’m just in the process of lost and found, if you know what I mean. I don’t even know if you still care to read my blog, and I don’t blame you. I’ve been awful at staying consistent when it comes to the blog, heck I’ve been awful being consistent over on the gram in September, and that’s like my place of birth.

But hey my intentions are here, and I’m working on being the ‘perfect’ blogger where I can post flawless blogposts on the regular whilst being super active on the gram. It just feels like the second I get started, a hiccup occurs in the real world and I turn my focus on that; not wanting to cross the lines between this space I created, and the real world as for me my blog is a bit of an escape.. you know?!

Anywhoooo, with fashion month coming to an end recently what better way to kickstart the blog by reliving the incredible month!


It takes place twice a year in February (my birthday month and the best month :p) and September, during which designers showcase their collections of the seasons ahead. So in February, the designers will debut their autumn/winter (A/W) collections of that year, and in September we get to see their spring/summer (S/S) collections for the following year.

Fashion month consists of four weeks, each of which are based in New York, London, Milan and Paris!


I’m no expert on Fashion, or fashion month but I do read a bunch of articles, magazines on the topic as I enjoy taking a glimpse on what kind of trends we’ll be seeing more of and how I can play dress up and style items/trends to suit me. It’s like a sneak peek to the future. As I don’t want to bore you with a super long blogpost I’ll be sure to write another one soon focusing on the trends that we can expect to see in S/S 2020 based on the latest fashion month (Sept 2019).

New York Fashion Week

Fashion Month usually starts with New York and it tends to be the longest out of the 4 and their schedules seem insanely jam-packed with events still taking place at 9pm. The highlights usually consist of Ralph Lauren, Coach and Marc Jacobs. The most noteworthy news to report back however is the absence of Calvin Klein and Derek Lam, designers that are usually slaying the catwalks.

London Fashion Week

This is ‘home town’ for most of you as I know most my following is based in the UK. I feel like when it comes to London Fashion week there is always an even mix with well established brands such as Burberry with newer-coming brands: one of my favourites being Halpern. This year was also the return of British fashion designer Molly Goddard to London Fashion week and my days was it gorgeous! Let’s just say it was tulle heaven!

Milan Fashion Week

I’d say Milan hosts the wildest and by far the most daring designers of all; Gucci, Versace, Prada, Furla, Dolce & Gabbana, and Fendi. All things weird and wonderful are seen in this week. These brands love to play with eccentric shapes and bold colours, whilst breaking the oldest rules of fashion such as “red clashes with pink”. I do have a wild side occasionally and it’s here for it; fuchsia and red should be worn together as these hues bring out the best in one another as seen by the models and guests of this week!

Paris Fashion Week

Personally, I think Paris is the grandest of all the weeks as it houses some of the oldest designers in this business such as Dior, Louis Vuitton and Chanel. It’s got all the calibre, and I love how these brands like to reflect on their rich histories and focus on all the details no matter how minute.


What definitely stands out after the four weeks of catwalk shows/ presentations is that designers are thinking a lot more about diversity, inclusivity and also sustainability. Dior highlighted the need for bio-diversity by ensuring the presentation theme was decorated with trees. Whilst the owner of Gucci, Saint Laurent and Balenciaga announced that they’re offsetting their annual greenhouse gas emissions and going completely carbon neutral!

However, the talk of the month has definitely been Rihanna Savage x Fenty collection. It sure was exactly what it promoted – fearlessness, confidence and inclusivity! The models were all of different sizes, age, colour, you name it and it was there; one of the models was heavily pregnant and gave birth just hours after the show! Heck beauty sure is unparalleled and I was so glad that it was praised for it’s diversity!

I'll leave it at that otherwise I'd be rambling on forever! I'd love to find out what your thoughts are on Fashion Month and what you loved the most about it?

Until next time my darlings!


x X x x

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