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I’m gonna be dead honest with you: I’m not a perfume guru. Part of me would love to be one; I'd love to know all about those undertones and be able to differentiate between notes of amber, sandalwood, musk and a bunch of other fancy flavours/flowers/fruits that almost always go over my head.

In addition to all that, there’s only four thousand perfumes to choose from and don’t forget the new 735 perfumes that will be released tomorrow, as well as their ‘intense’ versions…breathe. And don’t get me started on the sale assistants that usually latch on like a leech. I must remember to breathe. (No offence to any of the retail staff, I’ve worked my fair share in retail so I understand the pressures they’re under but boy does it get much!)

As much as I love shopping I find perfume shopping a real struggle, oh and I forgot to mention I’m one of the most indecisive people ever. I need to trial a perfume out over a long period of time, with different types of occasions if that makes sense. Sometimes I’d love it in store but I bring it home and it’s just not as impressive. Once again I find myself reaching to my older perfumes, whilst the new one sits to collect dust…damn it, why did I zone out when the beautiful lady was poking two perfume testers under my nose…it must’ve been the other ‘eau du toilette’ version I liked…or was it the intense…ughhh f*** knows.

Over time, I’ve found sticking to my usual bunch and only experimenting once every blue moon with a new perfume suits me well. Keeps me sane. Literally. So I thought I’ll share the little stash of scents that I keep going back to:


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