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COLOUR PALETTE INSPIRATION - Burgundy, oxblood or just a deep/rich red


I don't know about you but all the autumnal inspiration on my Instagram feed and shop windows have totally given me an obsessive infatuation with the colour burgundy. Or oxblood, or deep/rich red, however you may want to call it. I'm sure you know what I mean.

I'm not going to lie this colour is quite unusual for me, I guess because it's darker than my usual choice of tones/colours but I am loving the look of it and want to give it a go. So I embarked on the mission to create some outfits with this colour as oh my does it look good with my baby pink items!


My first burgundy purchase this autumn were these gorgeous wide leg trousers from H&M! They are that perfect polyester material that flows and lays elegantly and makes you feel pretty darn amazing! Especially when they're a perfect fit. I love pairing them with both my tunic dresses from Hobbs - I shared both in this blogpost. I find very neutral tones work so perfectly with burgundy, such as whites/ivory and creams/beige.


Another way of wearing burgundy (or any colour for that matter) is by injecting it subtly through accessories. I do this a LOT and mainly through handbags. It allows me to experiment (plus I'm a handbag lover and collector so I can always justify buying more) with all sorts of colours, without feeling like I've fully committed..if that makes sense haha! A burgundy handbag (or a thin burgundy scarf on the handles of your handbag) to your usual style adds the autumnal touch making your look a lot more 'in trend.' Note: the ted baker bag below is a gorgeous style and size - I have it in grey (because grey was the last years colour) and I still love wearing it! It's one of those bags that can be worn everyday as well as for those very fancy outings.


Another really easy way to indulge in burgundy this season is through your knitwear! Jumpers and cardigans are available in all the stores whether it's high street or high end, and they're a necessity for comfort and to stop us from turning into Olaf (the snowman from Frozen - if you don't know then I seriously suggest you leave this blogpost right now and get watching it...please).

Here are some other burgundy bits I am totally lusting over! I need to add that I wouldn't recommend items that I wouldn't buy myself. Note - I have the court shoes below and they are the comfiest pair of heels (literally I can last the full day on my feet and everyday in them). The ted baker boots I picked out are also sensational! If I had the money to spare they'd be right there in my shoe collection! And the ted baker coat is my favourite style of coats - I have it in grey, taupe, black and pink (I got these over many years with sale discount, and by working hard! Money doesn't grow on trees, you gotta work hard to play hard girls! <3)

I wish you all the very best with wearing burgundy! I would love to know what and how you wore it - dm or email me!! And remember if your not feeling it with the colour burgundy then don't wear it - don't let instagram, blogs and shops force us into a trend! x x

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