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Is it just me but I genuinely cannot believe it’s September already… as dreadful as this year has been, it’s somehow gone by at a flash of a second. It’s the month where summer changes into autumn, and there’s nothing more exciting then eyeing up cute boots that are fun to style but also pair nicely with the majority if not entire wardrobe.

I’ll be honest, I had difficulty putting this together as there wasn’t much availability out there. It might be because I’m a tad early to shop boots but it’s never too early to know what you want. But dw I’ll be sure to update this blogpost throughout the next few months.

After pulling out all my pairs of boots I figured I have two main types of boot styles. So I’m categorising this blogpost based on that: The classy boots and the chunky/ biker (aka monster boots as my dad likes to call them) boots. If by any chance a different style of boots steals my heart this year I’ll be sure to add the category.


I’d class these pairs as a little less statement, more classy and timeless pieces. Usually ones I wear to work (need that smart attire and all…) or if I’m feeling like the outfit I’m wearing doesn’t go with the outfit I’m wearing at the time, ore my mood hahah!


I cannot explain this one. I just love mixing up different styles, especially feminine/ preppy styles with an edgy twist. My family still look at me like I’m crazy for loving the chunky heels and platforms. And honestly, I’m somehow loving them a whole lot more…. Afterall, if this year has taught me anything it would be to just do it. Experiment away and if I look or feel silly, so what…at least I’m feeling silly doing something for me.

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